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How It Works

Chat With Us

Send us a message through on our websites Giftcard page, or via our 24/7 live chat feature telling us the type of Gift Card, the price tag and currency on it.

Wait For Confirmation

Wait for your transaction to be processed, this usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Begin Exchange

You can start the exchange by simply uploading the valid details and image(s) of the selected gift card you want to sell, and the account your money will be credited into.

Withdraw Funds

Once your card has been redeemed, your account will be credited immediately.

Instant Payment

Using state-of-the-art payment procedures, you are guaranteed to get your payment sent to your account within minutes.

World-Class Customer Experience

Our team have been trained by professionals so as to provide you with top-notch customer experience. Every customer is treated fairly and with care.

Trusted And Secure

Trade with high confidence, as we assure you the highest level of encryption and professionally audited exchange system.

Cross-Platform Availability

Sell any gift card, anywhere, anytime, using our website available to you on all internet enabled devices.

Secure Transaction

Trading with us is completely safe and secure. Your gift cards are safe because we redeem them directly.

24/7 Availability

Yes, we are available every single minute of the day to trade your gift cards. This is a fact!

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